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Neko Manama = Cat Food



 In Japan, we actually have a dish called Cat food. Neko (Cat) Manma (This means food in baby talk). 

It’s not a dish like worldly-famous sushi or ramen. You don’t find any shops or restaurants that serve it. It’s almost forbidden. It’s like the best-kept secret…

You only need to make it! 


So what is “Neko Manma" then? 

There are two different types of “Neko Manma” that exist. 

1: Mixture of Katuo-bushi, soy sauce and cooked rice. 

2: Mixture of miso soup and rice. You simply need to put cooked rice into miso soup or do it the other way.



WAKEAT. introduces revolutionary recipes of “Neko Manma” with miso soup and cooked rice in here.

We think it’s time to bring up the urbanest Japanese dish finally to the world. 




Neko Manma is treated as a sort of “leftover” for cats or dogs. 

So people in Japan still may find Neko Manma as a “rude” way to eat. If you are not a cat then just check with others if it’s ok to have and enjoy Neko Manma (especially if you are in Japan)!