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February 13, 2018


Yes, it’s not about “Neko Manma” this time. 

Just because today ( 13th February, 2018 )  is pancake day and tomorrow will be Valentine’s day! So we need something sweet and warm with little surprises that can go with pancakes and also nice dessert. 

Like… “Miso Chocolate vegan sauce”? 

You just need 5 minutes to make and require 4 steps. 



Surve: 2 - 4 cats

Cooking in: 5 minutes 

Preparation: No 




・200ml milk of your choice (unsweetened) 

・1tbs (12 g) of sugar 

・40g of dark chocolate 

・15g miso (Recommend soy beans miso)

・2 tsp (6.26 g) of cornstarch 

・2 tsp of water






1: Pour milk into a saucepan and add sugar. Bring to a simmer and keep mixing. 


2: When the sugar melt, stop the heat. Make chocolate into small pieces and add into the pan.


3: Stir them until the chocolates are melted and well blended.  


4: Add miso into the pan and stir it.


5: Put cornstarch in a cup/bowl and add water and mixed well. Then pour into the pan. Put back the pan on the medium heat and keep stirring until thickened. 


Eat and feel the sweetness of yourself. 







We are happy to hear Chocolate has certain benefits, which come from Cacao

It makes you relax, clearing your head and also warming the body by improving blood circulation. So perfect for winter’s romantic time! 

However, chocolate contains sugar and it cools our body. So if you want to get some benefits from eating chocolate, go some dark ones and make your loved one happy♥︎


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