We are

the smallest craft miso brewery. 

Eating is all we do, no matter who we are. Eating should be good for us. 

HUMAN (人) + GOOD (良)= EAT(食) 

That's how we write it in Japan. 


WAKEAT. has been created miso by following Japanese traditional methods that have been passed from mothers to daughters inside of the family.

It has past wisdom and present taste that keep continuing to the future.


WAKEAT is a combined word of WAKE and EAT. WAKE has two meanings in Japanese : sharing (分け) and reasons (訳). 



Focus on ingredients:



no animals 


Focus to achieve:

Zero food production waste (motainai* spirit / もったいない)  


WAKEAT miso is all living and involves natural fermentation. So it takes time, changing and once it's gone you will never look back. We can only make a very limited amount each time.

Simple food talks more than any word to us. Food is a bridge between not only humans and the earth,

and also human to human that builds trust.


Mottainai*  It means  "What a waste".  Especially when things are not used the way it should be, or things are undervalued or not respected, we say "Mottainai" in Japan.  


Contact + Finding our miso

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Rotterdam, Netherlands 

  Email: info@wewakeat.com 

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