Miso is a fermented beans paste that made with only three ingredients: 
Koji (Aspergillus oryzae / ニホンコウジカビ)

It's simple. Therefore grains beans types, the fermentation process and

the environment can affect the final products, especially if it involves natural fermentation.

Miso is one of the five main seasonings in Japanese cuisine:

including sugar, salt, rice vinegar and soy sauce.  


Different types of koji with grains (or beans) make different types of miso. 

Kome (Rice) Koji

The most popular koji. 80% of Japanese Miso are made with Kome Koji.  
These are : Shiro-Miso, Kome-miso

Mugi (Barley)Koji

Mugi koji miso is also called as "countryside miso". This is because mugi koji was popular for farmers to use.    
These are: Mugi-Miso

Mame (Beans)Koji 

It grows koji directory onto soybeans. Normally mame koji is fermented much longer than Kome or Mugi.  
These are: Hacchou-Miso or Aka-Miso

WAKEAT miso only use simple ingredients, time, true love and story.