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Mi-so with full of winter and festival flavour.


This is an origianl winter's flavour miso.

A conbination of multigrain (Browen rice, Barley and Millte), nuts (Walnut and Pecan) and two different types of mushrooms + hint of parcery will take you to deep frozen forest.

It is parfet much for winter's comfortable dishes, such as warm  creamy soup, mash or baked potatos. 


Curious for more recipes? Go to → 100 WAYS OF MISO DISHES.



 Soy*, Browen rice*, Barley*, Millte* ,Walnut*, Pecan*, Salt * ,parsley*,
 Koji (aspergillus oryzay)

Multigrain with nuts and mushroom Miso 200g

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  • Soy*, Browen rice*, Barley*, Millte* ,Walnut*, Pecan*, Salt * ,parsley*,
     Koji (aspergillus oryzay),
     a lot of time and love (allergic free)

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