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You can wear it, decolate it, wrap it and reuse it!


Tenugui (てぬぐい) is traditional Japanese multipurpose cloth made with cotton. This is a collaboration design project with Japases, graphic designer /photographer Haruka Sano.

 The design was inspired by Japanese flag and Mt. Fuji x WAKEAT's color pink.

All Tenugui were hand printed one by one by Japanese craftman.


Only 70 pieces are in the world.The more you use, the more you wash, it will become your "own" pice of cloth.


Size: W90cm x H35cm

Produced in Japan

100% Cotton


You will get a short video link to how to you things ( such as beer bottles, cans, and books) when you purchase by email.


TENUGUI- Japanese multipurpose cloth

€ 12,00Price
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