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Forget about a bar or izakaya or ramen.
It's the *Snack time.

" Snack WAKEAT." is opening only once a month (Sunday) open the door for a few hours (12am to 14pm-ish) and 10 seats max each time. 

It will be "all-about-miso" dishes, mainly serve as **"Teishoku" style. You will taste the magic of miso, Japanese ways of natural fermentation and WAKEAT's "Mottainai" spirit (so I try to use all part of the ingredients to not to make any waste). 

It will be animal-free dishes too. 

I hope the miso magic can cure your hectic week and weekend's hungover. 

The menu will be different each time. 



Erika 絵里加  

16th March and 12th April have fully booked already. Thank you!

* "Snack"スナック is a big part of Japanese nightlife culture. However, it's not a club or izakaya. It's a small place normally comes with a bar counter and runs by a woman (she's been called as"mama").

They also serve mama's home cooking style bar food besides drinks (it has a "bottle-keeping system" for regulars ) and have a karaoke. Mostly it fills with regulars, it the place you feel like being home and warm. Some of the snacks are "membership only" systems too.   

**"Teisyoku" 定食 is a fixed set menu in Japan. It normally comes with rice, miso soup, main and a few side dishes such as pickled vegetables etc. It served all at once.